Emotional metadata analysis service

Service Overview

Sockets offer many analysis service.

Entertainment Service Analysis

Sockets entertainment service analysis offers analysis report for improving CVR, customer satisfaction by user based media plan mixed by customer action log and external analysis data.

  • Offering realistic database by entertainment analysis method by experts
  • Offering user information well detailed and real-time by internal analyst
  • Offering cross aggregated data which is independent from media of multiple data set

User profiling

We handle user insight such as preference and emotion which cannot be derived from fact based information. Our original analysis engine induces multiple behavior pattern in one user account of entertainment service.

  • Offering multi-profiling data by behavior analysis of customer situation
  • Offering data for predicting future customer which keep on changing
  • Offering data for users by internal analyst mining

Knowledge based analysis/Vogue prediction/ Box office prediction/ Acquisition plan/Product development

Sockets knowledge based analysis enables to predict vogue, box office leveraging cross category database of music video books broadcast person and news, SNS.

  • Risk hedging of entertainment contents
  • Support creators for contents developing by expert analysis
  • Vogue and box office prediction of collaboration project of EC, distributing, live events and creators.

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