Connect everyone’s wishes


For your imagination

Imagination is such essential thing for all of us. Imagination may enable us to notice things which are not visualized, may encourage us to help someone unknown yet in other country, or even may turn impossible into possible. Then, what inspires our imagination? We Sockets think they are music, movies, books and people who create them. Sockets would like to help everyone notice each of your “precious things” hidden in music, movies, and books. Furthermore, we would like to help you meet with someone, go on a trip and make your life a little bit happy. Sockets encourage to inspire your imagination.

Create your own “happy time” in your life –Quality of Life-

Throughout the ages, people’s feelings are media. We try to create services and technology to connect everyone’s interest and notices. We consider that time we spend for our favorite people, music, movies, books and games are very precious time. Also there are more interesting news and themes in our daily lives. We would like to create connections with them and connect your wishes, for creating services which are useful for everyone’s daily lives.


“Serendipity” means discovering and reuniting by chance. We are trying to deliver what you may want and may be interested in to each of you, for everyone to discover more music, books and movies which may be your favorites. In spite of generations, the essential things may not change. Our mission is to offer better connection. People can succeed by these discover, notice and connection.

Sockets Statement

We aim for leading company in the country, in world, by metadata in order to create everyone’s own “precious time”

※Definition of Sockets metadata
Metadata is data about data. Metadata means information which relates to data, and is important for managing and searching data efficiently. Sockets consider metadata as organized and comprehensive data of basic, additional, related, and emotional information.

Why we develop, analyze, and rationalize We aim for leading company which is able to understand human emotion


Service development to connect emotions “discover, unite and connect”

Emotions such ad excitement, relief, courage have not change from before ages without papers and telephones, and will not change from now on, in spite of changes of ages, media and technologies.
We would like to help you become more related to people around you, discover music, books, movies, think deeply about someone you really care, by connecting emotions of someone who cares about others, of someone who create products, of someone who discover something precious. We have created Internet services to connect everyone’s wishes. We will help your daily lives by our services and systems which connect everyone’s wishes from now on, too.

Create your own “precious time”“Discover, unite and connect” is precious

Business Outline

Business Model

Business Model