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Technological Specification

Metadata assists what user wants

Sockets metadata not only enable you to search music, video, book, broadcast, and person, also enable to offer discovery with new contents by emotional metadata which is only in the country. We assist to develop the structure of experience contents by high quality metadata from music, video, books to lives and events. We have polished database which is tuned many times by utility result from big companies these long years.

Data Collecting Technology

Original bot type crawling engine and entertainment specialized data cleansing technology collect the materials of generating metadata from information on Internet.


Combination with metadata and machine learning

We are challenging to introduce optimizing and automating technology on appending contents metadata which will grow from now on, too, by machine learning and metadata appended by contents experts. Complete automation is not enough, so combination of expert metadata, Web crawling, and machine learning would be the best practice.


Features of Sockets metadata

1.General emotional metadata master

Organizes emotional metadata by actually seeing by person. This enables personalized and recommendation focused on user, which is not able from basic information.

2.Metadata focused on Japanese emotion

Sockets metadata focused on Japanese enable to express correctly which foreign database cannot translate completely. Furthermore, western style “mood” do not fit Japanese sense, so properly appended Japanese mood metadata is not in big scale.
Converting Japanese sense into metadata, it is possible to broaden Japanese emotion worldwide in future.

3.Compounding recipe

Emotional metadata compounds each user’s emotion through approaching user’s depth/unconscious psychic. Emotional metadata is not suited for describing a song by itself, which genres or released year is. Sockets recommendation defines sensory and emotional words in upstream process by compounding multiple emotional metadata.

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Technological Specification