Media Service Data Base

Media Service Database

"Technology Standing Close to Your Emotion"
Sockets's Media Service Data Base

To Create Serendipity

Impression and impact of discovering your wants by chance, this is what we wish to spread.
The greatest feature of Sockets' database "MSDB" is the original organization and edition of content information by human hand, and technology of logicalizing them, in order to respond to everyone's vague sensibility.
It integrates and organizes contents individually variant, from the perspective of human emotion who accepts them.


Original ID MSID for Unitary Management of Basic Information

MSID, Sockets' original content information management ID, is unitary management ID to cover almost all the products in the market, whether searching by title or the author, by transcending the boundaries of titles and digital product.
Thus, it enables the unitary management of link between author and the content and link between series and the title of the contents. Every information related to the content is contained in the database to respond the users' needs.


Complex Distribution Turned into Contents Centered Connection

Expressions of music, of video, of words, and of people.
No matter what kind of expression the content is, Sockets database, which MSID connects information cross-sectionally, analyzes contents similarity, and provides recommendation over the boundaries of media.


Heartful Recommendation Based on Technology and Sensibility

Sockets consider that heartful recommendation is also to keep on creating a new way to connect content and users.
We accumulate the detail of the content by spending time and effort, in order to create a way to connect the discovery of every contents and various users and the discovery of fresh joy by every user.
In order to connect the passion of the content and the sympathy of users, technical analysis of the content and the sensibility which the content provides to users is required.
Sockets has developed metadata based on original technology and research.
We describe the emotion which occurs when content and person come into contact in more than 2000 ways.
Thus, we provide recommendation which enables higher experience of discovering contents users have not know.


Search Engine Deriving the Exact Information from Database

Database which integrates information of various contents need search engine in order to respond to users' demands.
Sockets develops and provides search engine originally, and in corporation with partners such as mobile carriers, e-commerce companies, and video distribution companies.


MSDB and Big Data

MSDB database technology, in coordination with Enormous amount of user log information, will change lifestyle of people and accelerate providing experience of contents.
While organizing contents by sensibility, behavior information and emotion of each person will effect personal sensitivity and provide new lifestyle.


Service Beyond Recommendation Based on Database

Sockets will continue to create emotional and logical systems and services, which distributes emotion of the content, through database.
Sockets consider that there is no correct answer for the contact of contents and people.
However, we wish to create the happiness to discover the various impression of the moment which people meet contents.
To do so, we create service which contents fly over to people who want it, based on highly organized database.


Strength of MSDB

We own the largest entertainment database in the country, and able to develop any type of database leveraging our technology.

1.Largest database in our country.
  • Own media database which is largest both in number of items and appended metadata
  • Append original metadata “emotional metadata” to each content
  • Own cross data from music and videos to other fields
2.Database developing technology
  • DB developing technology accumulated by developing entertainment content database which is difficult to develop
  • DB leveraging human sense efficiently which cannot be developed just by machine data collecting
  • Applying database technology of emotional information to other fields