To Our Shareholders and Investors

I would like to thank you for your interest and expectation to us.

Sockets has developed services and technology since its foundation, with the business purpose “Connecting Everyone’s Wishes”. Our services have started to become popular, and we would like to develop and offer better services to many people.

We hope that one day our services will be indispensable in our daily lives, and in order to achieve it, we will do our best.

We consider our shareholders as "True Supporters" to aim at the same goal, in good time or bad.

Therefore, we will,

・Create high quality services and technology,
・Upgrade our services,
・Pursuit the result as achievement,
・Disclose information for further understanding,
・Face your expectation.

I think that we may have ups and downs from now on. One thing I will promise is that we will never look down. We will fight with strong will, in order to meet your expectation, and to smile together.

We will keep on connecting everyone's wishes. We look forward to your continuing support and understanding.

President Koji Urabe