Service List

  • Data service

    Data service

    We offer original metadata of music, video, and books. Our original emotional metadata enables services for your each lifestyle, by integrating data of products, news, and SNS, as well as other fields including database marketing.

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  • Recommendation / Personalization

    Recommendation / Personalization

    We are able to offer cross-media recommendation with high precision, by general architect due to efficiency from statistical data and supervising data, and possessing whole metadata of music video and books. Furthermore, we are able to offer personalized recommendation by hybrid original recommender leveraging emotional metadata enabling emotional analysis of each user.

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  • Emotional metadata analysis service

    Emotional metadata analysis service

    Advanced analysis technology of machine learning and deep learning, and Sockets comprehensive cross-category database, which is the only in the country, enables service analysis and profiling which brings to ever closer to user insight. Real-time storage and analysis of various massive data offers you all types of database marketing.

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  • Specialized search service

    Specialized search service

    We offer structured and specialized search service focused on music, video, and books. We can also realize emotional search, cross-media search, and solutions for alias, orthographical variants. We offer in-company data link system leveraging data cleansing technology.

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  • Developing and construction integral system

    Developing and construction integral system

    We develop scalable and high quality system of database interacting with existing services and business management database, by data cleansing, web application for multiple platforms and also native application as iPhone and Android.

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  • Database service planning and developing

    Database service planning and developing

    We plan and propose new business possibilities by leveraging emotional database. Please feel free to contact us about also database cleansing and uniting.

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