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We offer Sockets original metadata.

Sockets Metadata

Sockets Metadata is the only general cross category database which is composed of 5 category-music, videos, books, broadcast, and people- analyzed by experts and database analyzing technology. Metadata of all category is connected by general metadata master, so that we can offer not only cross category linkage to entertainment service, but also the basis for intuitive search and navigation, and attractive entertainment experience.


Metadata category

Sockets contents metadata is divided and managed by seven categories. It is possible for us to offer category which meets service requirement, but we recommend to induce all data. Especially emotional metadata is very effective to improve service.

  • Basic data (Package information)

    Original metadata based on basic information and also complemented by experts and data analysis.

  • Data to complement basic data

    Original metadata which experts and data analysis complemented basic data

  • Emotional metadata

    Metadata created by skillful staff and text information by specialized crawler

  • Real-time data

    Real-time related data from news and SNSs by specialized crawler

  • Grouping master

    Assembled grouping data by themes and scenes which is created by experts

  • Cross-media

    Linked data of multiple media type by original matching engine

  • Person data master

    Overall person master data of media and categories

  • Entity basic information
  • Original metadata
  • Automatic original metadata
  • Crosswise master
  • General master

Emotional metadata

Metadata chosen from over 2000 topics by trained staff by actually “see”, ”listen” and “read” the product. Especially specialized to Japanese sensitive emotional expression, for example lyrics are all read and this is not able by machines, this makes our database only entertainment meta (genom) data in the country.

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