Social Media Guidelines


These Social Media Guidelines (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines") prescribe rules for the use of the official account "@SOCKETS_JP" on Twitter and "Sockets Inc" on YouTube (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Account") operated by SOCKETS Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "SOCKETS").
SOCKETS will adhere to the Guidelines with respect to the operation of the Account and ensure that SOCKETS's employees adhere to the Guidelines with respect to their participation social media.
In addition, the Guidelines shall apply to all users (hereinafter referred to as "Users" or the "User") who use the Account (i.e. any use, including viewing and posting; the same hereafter).
A User is deemed to have agreed to the Guidelines when the User has used the Account.
Please note that the operation of the Account may be terminated without notice, the Account may be deleted without notice, and the Guidelines may be changed without notice.

Purpose of Use of Social Media

SOCKETS conducts communication activities and dispatches information using social media with the following objectives:

  • To inform as many customers as possible about SOCKETS's products and services
  • To inform as many customers as possible about the aspirations of SOCKETS's employees for SOCKETS's products and services

Advice on Use of Social Media

  • SOCKETS will listen to the opinions of SOCKETS's customers and Users and act with integrity to earn their trust.
  • SOCKETS understands that published information cannot be completely deleted from the Internet even if it is deleted administratively, and will dispatch information with that in mind.
  • SOCKETS understands and recognizes that, because social media is connected to the Internet, many and unspecified Users can access social media, and SOCKETS will be conscious of conducting responsible dispatch of information.
  • SOCKETS and SOCKETS's employees will comply not only with the laws of each country and region but also with its own internal rules in the form of SOCKETS's Code of Conduct, irrespective of the organization to which any person belongs or the person's form of employment.
  • SOCKETS will be mindful of the content of the information to be dispatched and the method of dispatch of information and will take care not to dispatch incorrect information or mislead customers.
  • If SOCKETS dispatches incorrect information or employs any misleading expression, SOCKETS will promptly apologize for and correct it.
  • SOCKETS will observe the rules of each social media service launched and operated by any third party and respect the culture and manners thereof.
  • SOCKETS will respect the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, and other rights of third parties and take care not to defame them.

What SOCKETS Requires of SOCKETS's Employees

SOCKETS's employees will use social media in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and internal rules of SOCKETS.

About Operation

The Account will be used to dispatch SOCKETS's information as stipulated under "Purpose of Use of Social Media."
Please be aware that, as a general rule, SOCKETS cannot respond to comments or posts sent to SOCKETS.


  • SOCKETS does not bear any responsibility for guaranteeing the integrity, correctness, certainty, or usefulness of information posted in the Account.
  • SOCKETS does not bear any responsibility for any content posted by Users (comments, photographs, videos, etc.).
  • SOCKETS shall not be responsible for any damage to any User caused by use of the Account or inability to use the Account.
  • SOCKETS shall not be responsible for any trouble or damage (whether direct or indirect) arising from infringement of rights between Users, or between any User and any third party, about the content posted. Users themselves will be responsible for resolving disputes.
  • As the Account is operated on Twitter Inc.'s or Google LLC's system, SOCKETS is unable to answer questions about Twitter Inc.'s or Google LLC's system operation information, technical matters, software functions or method of use.
  • Even if SOCKETS retweets a certain tweet without any comment in the Account on Twitter, that does not constitute an expression of agreement with the original tweet on the part of SOCKETS.
  • Information posted in the Account is current at the time of dispatch and is subject to change thereafter.

Prohibition and Elimination

Please refrain from posting content that includes any of the following. Please note that if any such content is posted by a User, SOCKETS may delete the post without prior notice and block the posting account.

  • Comments or URLs for the purpose of one's own or any third-party business
  • Content that is slanderous or contrary to public order or morality
  • Content that infringes on the rights (copyright, trademark right, portrait right, etc.) of SOCKETS or any third party
  • Content that results or is likely to result in a criminal act
  • Expressions that are highly offensive to other Users
  • Content that interferes with smooth operation or causes inconvenience to others
  • Content that constitutes or is similar to political activities, election campaign activities, or religious activities
  • Content that identifies, discloses, or divulges personal information without the consent of the person concerned
  • Content involving impersonation of SOCKETS, any of SOCKETS's stakeholders, or any other third party
  • Content for advertising or solicitation purposes, such as names of other companies, names of other companies' products, comparisons with other companies, advertisements or expressions of affiliation
  • Spam, harmful programs, or harmful scripts
  • Content that is contrary to Twitter's or YouTube's terms of service
  • Any other content that SOCKETS deems inappropriate in the operation of the Account

Privacy Policy

When acquiring personal information from any User, SOCKETS shall manage it appropriately in keeping with SOCKETS's Personal Information Protection Policy.
In addition, upon completion of any User's post to the Account or any retweet, share, like, etc., SOCKETS shall be deemed to have licensed access from the Account to the information disclosed by the User (published name, nickname, profile photograph, gender, network, User ID, etc.).


Please note that, as a general rule, SOCKETS will not respond to individual opinions or questions sent by reply or direct-mail functions to the Account.
For inquiries regarding these Guidelines, please contact SOCKETS at the following e-mail address.
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